Cecil Kim


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Art Director, Professor, Game Evangelist

  • Cecil has worked in the game industry since 1996 after graduating from Art Center College of Art and Design. He began his career as a concept artist for Final Fantasy IX at SquareUSA. Since then he helped to define the artistic vision of many game titles including God of War 1,2,3. 
  • Cecil now works at thatgamecompany as an art director on Sky: Children of the light.
  • Previously Cecil worked at Santa Monica Studio on God of War Franchise for almost a decade. 
  • After his departure from Sony, Cecil co-founded Section Studios in Los Angeles and led the team of concept artists, 3D artists, and developers to work on their games and also several co-dev game projects. This website showcases his work from Square, Sony and Section Studios. It has always been his passion to visualize the unique immersive world and bring it to the interactive experience. 
  • Cecil continues to drive his vision to inspire his team and the gaming world.

Sky:Children Of The Light

Cecil has been working on this game as an art director. Sky recently surpassed 10 million download globally and has won Apple's Best IOS Game Of The Year. 

Since Cecil joined the team after the game was released, he has been working on new season contents listed below.

Season of Belonging, Season of Rhythm


BFA in Illustration, 1996
Art Center College of Design

Games He Worked on

Parasite Eve

Final Fantasy IX  

Twisted Metal Black 

God of War 1,2,3 

God of War Ascension 

Vlad the Impaler 

Dead Realm 


Rival:Crimson X Chaos 

Eclipse:Edge of Light 


Otis College of Art and Design-Assistant Adjunct Professor

Gnomon School of Games and Visual FX - Academic Advisory Board


BAFTA, Best Artistic Achievement

God of War 3

Contact : Downtownart@gmail.com

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